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1/6 scale PRC-25, Making of

PRC-25- The major field radio used by the US Army during the Vietnam War. "PRC" meant it was a portable radio, "-25" meant it was the 25th one the military had standardize. Prototypes of the AN/PRC-25 were initially tested in 1959 and it was ready for issue to Army units during 1962.The PRC-25 was the first synthesized unit, offered wider yet frequency coverage, and had just one tube (RF power output stage). Finally, there were 125,000 of PRC-25 unit produced.

The ace team have been complete the PRC-25 in 1/6 scale in late 2014. The Photos (From Top to bottom) shown the 1/6 PRC 25 with OD paint and weathering.

1st photo, HANDSET with connector.

2nd photo, A perspective view of the PRC-25 Unit

3rd photo, the Main Component of the 1/6 PRC-25, the antenna is connecting to the Radio by a custom Spring, a detachable connecting details.

4rd photo, the Plan view of Main control panel’s Layout. the Panel with all the making, Numbers and screw.

5th photo, the Side Elevation of the Prc-25

To be Cont’d…….

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